We are friends, we are brothers, we had lots of bad days together, and some cheerful days.
We worked together, we got fired together, we share every single cent, yes that’s right.
After some time working for other peoples, we decided to start our own bussiness, but we were totally lost, but we knew for sure we wont work for others anymore.

white t-shirt

Why are you wearing my white t-shirt?!!!!!

He said ‘I need to go shopping’
Ok, let’s go get you some after class.
While we were at the mall, we didn’t find what we can afford, if not low quality. and here just popped the Viintiqa store idea
Yep, lets sell what we can afford to buy with the best quality.

our Story

How we Got Started

We started by learning how to build websites, as you know its less expensive than opening a physical store.
W began to build a page by page until we are reliable and familiar with the drill. After that, we focused on designing our t-shirts, that now sells very good.
You can never have enough of your first joy of success.

What we Do

T-shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, and more.

We mostly, designing t-shirts, short, sweatshirts, and pullovers.
Plus some cool mugs and other merchandizes.

talk to us. improve us.